New Keyboard & Headset

Well a couple of days ago I went out and bought a couple new pieces to my computer that I wasn’t expecting to get for quite awhile; a new keyboard and headset.

Really these two pieces were both annoying me quite a bit. For some reason my old keyboard was not starting up all the time with my computer. I was having to restart my computer almost every time I started up just to get the keyboard to recognize and it just began bothering me to no end after a few weeks. My headset has been broken for a couple of months. I think I ran over the plug for it with my chair because for the last few months I have had to squeeze and maneuver the plug just right to actually listen through it. Sometimes it took a half hour to position it just right, and even then it would die out after an hour or sometimes even less. I feel really bad about the headset because it was fairly nice and my roommate got it for me for my Christmas present this past year, it only took me about a month to break it and a half year to need to replace it. It was really frustrating.

I bought the Microsoft Natural 4000 or something keyboard, it was in an opened package at best buy so I got $10 off the retail price. I chose it because I need a natural keyboard given how often i use keyboards, and also because it had some nice features like a zoom (which helps because I have no scrollbar on my mouse) and the old style of insert key pad. I never have cared for the 3 rows of 2, and much prefer the 2 rows of 3 keys even though it makes the keyboard a little bit longer. My headset I bought was one from Altec Lanseng which I figured it would be a good quality product. I also used a $5 coupon from Best Buy to lower the cost so over all I saved $15 and spent $91. It wasn’t a horrible deal but it wasn’t a cost I was expecting to spend right now.


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