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My plan for next week

Starting next week I will be starting a new plan for my day to day life. The schedule will be set up with all my previous goals in mind.

1) 2-3 hours every day will be spent on writing my novel. I don’t expect to finish my novel in two to three weeks, but I need to get at least 25% of it done by the end of Christmas break. During these 2-3 hours I will not allow myself to use the internet except to use pandora for music. I don’t know if I will use the time to write non-stop, I am going to allow myself to read books that will help my writing such as a book of symbolism and a book for writing tips, but only if I am blocked. No TV during this time either. I have pegged the afternoon for this block of time as I won’t deal with tiredness at this time nor look over my shoulder at lunch time.

2) I am going to have 30 minutes every day dedicated to exercise. I am going to do  Wii Sports first to get me up and goal orientated with the Wii Fitness schedule. I don’t pretend this is the greatest fitness someone can get but it is better than nothing. I will then do about 25-50 sit ups to help my stomach.

3) Wednesdays I think will become a medical day. My Hep C medicine is scheduled for Wednesdays and I will also be going to the hospital for Hemophilia medication. Because of this I will likely make it a short writing day. Fridays will also be going to the Hospital for factor, but that won’t be an issue I don’t think as much.

4)I am going to drop lunches for the most part and snacks during winter break. I am hardcore about getting skinnier and I need to eat less. I also want to return to eating healthier for dinner and no more eating out because I need to be tight on my purse strings if I want a new computer.

That is it for now. I think with these 4 things over break I can help my goals well.


Indie Game Development

I’ve been reading The Indie Game Development Survival Guide. It is quite good. If anyone is interested in this as a field, and are considering going out on their own and making their own game, I highly suggest it. It has given me a lot of great ideas on how I could get this thing done. And I really think I could…

First I need to see if I can get together with this IGDA guy over the next week or two and see if we can get some plans made to do this. I’m not sure how much a producer is really needed for an indie project, but if he can help bring in three or four quality guys in the area, and help with potential promotion and design then I’m more than willing to let him have some percentage points on the product. As long as he is willing to let the game itself, and a decent chunk of the profit go to the company idea. This seems to be the big thing though and hopefully we can get by it. It occurs to me that perhaps by trying to sell him on the bigger picture I might have lost him. Likely because he doesn’t think that it is possible to create a company from scratch in this day and age.

And maybe it isn’t anymore. But I keep looking at some of the best games in history coming in this way. Will Wright did it with SimCity. Sid Meier did it. And while these happened in a more innocent time in the industry I can’t help but think that perhaps one reason the industry has stagnated is because these startups aren’t around as much anymore. And heck, it does still happen to a small degree with the guys who did Viewtiful Joe, or the makers of Darwinia, even PopCap with all their puzzle games or the makers of Puzzle Pirates. These were all indie studios that produced highly innovative, NEW properties, and thank god for them because otherwise we would be stuck with Old Game Idea XII: The return of the Previous Idea.


Yesterday I spent Christmas alone and I don’t seem to see what the big deal is. My roommate felt sad for me, I didn’t. To me it was like any other day just with more interesting TV on. My mom went up to my sister’s, I wasn’t willing, and my brother is in Nebraska. My family is really having Christmas this upcoming weekend, so why should I care about yesterday? What makes it really strange to me is that think that I should be with family for Christmas think that the meaning of Christmas has been ruined in recent years. Yet the true meaning of Christmas as we have come to know it has no real tie to the date. In fact I will be getting the meaning, or what it is now, just a week later. Is it not supposed to be a celebration of the birth of Christ? Or a time to be with your family? A time to share and give? A time to be happy and joyous, or annoyed by your family? A time to be assholes in traffic or in line at the store?

Well what in any of that has to do with the 25th? I can do any of it at any time I freaking choose. Just because some Pope 2000 years ago decided it’d be on Dec. 25 in order to convert “heathen” scandinavians and germans doesn’t mean diddly to me as an individual.

A letter to an Ex.

This is a letter that I sent to an ex of mine a few days ago. The letter itself should say it all. Thought it might make for an interesting addition to my blog.

Well here I am again. I full well realize how long it has been since I have gotten a hold of you, and well it is kind of a long story as to why I am writing this letter. So bear with me because I’m going to tell it.

When two people generally split up, they are supposed to stop thinking about each other, or being in love with each other or what not a few months or so after the split. That never really happened with me, obviously. I figured when you and I really lost contact with each other that maybe that’s what needed to happen, that maybe it was the constant contact with you that kept my feelings alive. But that never happened either. Truth be told I’ve always thought of you, ever since I first met you. Continue reading ‘A letter to an Ex.’

Wii Additions

Well I’m off from school so I should be getting back to updates regularly. I apologize to anyone who may have stopped by without any updates recently.

So the last few days there have been some nice new additions to the Wii. Yesterday they finally added the Forecast Channel. I think it is kind of fun, though I think some base functionality that had been planned has been taken out. I remember during some press events that the press were talking about how you could move your remote forward to zoom in and back to zoom out. I had thought these were really cool ways to use the remote functionality in programs you wouldn’t first think could use them. However, they must not have worked well because they aren’t there anymore. Be that as it may, the forecast works as a forecast should. It gives current conditions, today’s forecast, and a 5 day forecast. It also has wind speed and UV rating. It is also kind of fun to zoom out, spin the world and stop it to see what the weather is like in some random area. However, there aren’t a ton of cities included. There are perhaps 7 or 8 cities in the state of Wisconsin, mine is included so it is no problem. But if you want to take a trip to a more remote area you might be SOL. Though this may not be a huge deal as a lot of remote places have no weather report anyway. I also would have liked some other info like Wind Chill, maybe a history of the previous day or two so you could know how much snow or rain might have come the day before. I also don’t think it makes predictions as to how much we might expect in the future. It just says it may rain or snow, not how much other than flurries, or mild or other such word descriptions. As odd as it seems, probably the nicest feature on the channel is that when you first click on the channel in the menu, it will give you the current conditions screen without even going in which is kind of nice if you are planning on going out, you can access that info quickly.

The browser was also added today. I think it is a beta version however, I don’t mind. It works like a dream. I can’t tell you how fun it is to surf on the web. It isn’t perfect, but it’s not bad. Typing is a little horrible on the on screen keypad, but you don’t have to type in more than say google, to go to google. no http, no .com, nothin. Even so, you will be adding sites fairly quickly to your favorites list if you go there a lot. The favorites list is set up very nicely too…. it appears in the same small picture of the site that you see from the main menu on the wii so there is some cohesiveness there. However one knock I have on it is that unlike the Wii Menu where you can click A & B to drag stuff around and reposition everything, you can’t do this on the Favorites view. You have to go to an edit screen, click a move button, then click what you want to move, then click whereto. It is much more work, but i think they made it this way to add a delete and rename feature to the list. I think it would have been better to drag and drop however, and maybe it will release by the time it hits official release. There is a bunch of other stuff I don’t like about it, scrolling seems unintuitive. I like that they tried to incorporate the control for it, you have to hold down b while moving the remote up down or left and right, but it seems odd not to use the control pad for this which seems much more natural. I also wish there was a button to bring up the address bar so that I wouldn’t have to return to the homepage to go to a new site. I’d also like to see a button to hide and show the bottom toolbar. Other than that, I actually really like the browser and will probably buy it when it comes time to pay. I hope they fix it, add more functionality and all that though. It isn’t exactly natural to browse the web on the internet but it does allow some nice ways to send pictures and stuff from the wii to other people. It also is nice to watch YouTube on the TV, it seems more natural there.

Overall, not a bad start for either. I like em both and look forward to the release of the News Channel in a month.

Mad About You

I watch Mad About You every morning before class and this morning’s (and yesterday morning’s) episode is the series finale. This to me is one of the best, if not the best modern day finales for a show. These days it seems that most these shows either try too hard, or just show recaps (Seinfeld) for their finale, and they aren’t good…. In Mad About You, it was touching… it wasn’t just like they split up or something… it was the story of the rest of their marriage in 1 hour. It was surprising, it wassad, it was funny, it was happy, and it was good. Really good.

Although, you know I really loved the show as a whole. It gave me hope that some day I would find someone, a hope that these days is dieing in me.  This show, in my opinion is at the very least the second best relationship sitcom in television history, only possibly behind I Love Lucy if you feel that is a relationship show (as it wasn’t really about a family or anything like that either). It was an amazing show, and Paul Reiser should be proud of it because it really is premium. The emmys they won while they were on were well deserved, and the ones they lost were a crime. It was well written, well acted, and well directed. It is a shame that all good things must come to an end… there is so few good things on television these days.

RIAA becomes more oppressive

The RIAA is at it again. Words cannot describe it as well as I’d like to. I mean seriously… they are now reducing the royalties they pay to artists. So on one side they are arguing that trading MP3s is stealing from the artists and using the artists as faces for this fight… and on the other they are giving the artists less money for what they do. It is just rediculous all the way around. There isn’t one thing in this that makes sense.

What really fucks with me though is that we are in a digital age. We are really in a time that could do without the whole industry as it is anyway. Yet we cling to them… why? We have means of distribution already that is far more popular than the hard copies that the RIAA gives us. We have a means of advertisement in Podcasts that hasn’t been utilized yet but it offers a way if used correctly to promote new bands and music (not to mention other services such as pandora and yahoo music which should allow independent artists to submit their music, same with iTunes and other online services.) So why is it that we are even still bowing our heads to this corrupt antique? Why not just do without them totally? They steal artist’s music, treat them like shit, sell it to us, and then treat us like shit. Why are we putting up with it? I don’t know about you but I’m heading to alltunes right now in retaliation.