The Result – Wisconsin

So voting day is over. As everyone knows Democrats took over the house, and tied up the senate. Also a big congrats to Lieberman who won as an independent after losing the primaries. I’ve disagreed with what he has done with video games the past few years, but he has overall been a decent senator and that is a hell of a nice story=)

As for my local election, Doyle won the Governership and as expected, it was close.  Baldwin won her house spot for the fifth consecutive time, Falk didn’t win the Attorney General but it was extremely close and  I honestly don’t even  know how much this matters. Kohl won his senate seat as expected by a landslide. No green members won any position in my area which is disappointing, heck I don’t even think any broke 5%. They did strongly to start as a party, but it seems to be a party on the decline already which is sad.

As for issues… Wisconsin voted to ban gay marriage, I have mixed feelings about outright putting it into the state constitution with only a slim majority vote, but obviously this state isn’t yet comfortable with the thought. We added the death sentence to the penalty roster in the state which I didn’t like, and my local precinct voted to approve a new school and some school renovations which I’m pleased with.

Overall, I think the race went fairly well. I am not happy about everything obviously but it could have been much worse. I didn’t think that Wisconsin meant much nationally but i was more than happy to lend my support to allowing gay marriages, and stopping the death penalty and the green party, even if this didn’t amount to a win.


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