Traditionally, Americans don’t vote for midterms, but this year could be different for that. I know I am voting for my first, but then again the last presidential election was also my first. I am going to take a cue from Republicans and suggest that Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, and Independents get out and vote! Your parties need you! Republicans if you vote you could be arrested!

So with that said, if anyone cares here is a breakdown of who I am likely going to vote for today.

Wisconsin Governor: Doyle

  • Honestly I don’t like Doyle much and if Republicans really wanted him out of office this would have been a good year to do it because there are a decent number of Dems who aren’t happy with him. This is like the 2004 Presidential election though because in Wisconsin the Republicans put up a worthless candidate, suppose that is an oxymoron. Mark Green’s main party slogan is look Doyle is corrupt, to which my answer is “Yup, how are you better? You are already being charged with being corrupt and currently in court because of it.” So taking corruptnesses out of it the main difference is that Green would lower taxes, and then make our schools, police, parks, fire departments and government inept while Doyle wants to raise taxes but make the state better. I choose the higher taxes and better state, sorry. Honestly I’d choose a green party guy but this is a close raise and I decided to help the lesser of two evils.

Senate: The Green Party guy.

  • I obviously don’t research this much, because the Green Party never advertises which is why they never win but they don’t get the funding that the main two parties get. This is a race that is already a blow out for incumbent Dem Herb Kohl, I don’t even know who the Republicans have up there because neither party here is advertising. Kohl however has been decent but he voted for the Patriot Act 2 times, and I can’t have that from MY senator, not only that he has been one of them guys getting on the video game bandwagon which I also don’t like. So I’m gonna vote for the Green Party guy, he won’t win but maybe it’ll make him feel nice to have a higher total than the last guy who ran.

State Attorney General: Falk

  • I like Kathleen Falk, she has done a fine job as a rep here in my home district and so think that she will make a fine Attorney General as well. Doesn’t hurt that the Green Party didn’t even bother putting up a candidate.

Gay Marriage Ban: No

  • I’m not gay, so I think it’s none of my business whether they get married or not. The constitution says that every man was created equal and I don’t see why every man shouldn’t be allowed to get married, even if it is to another man. Their choice, who am I to judge.

Other Offices I’ll likely vote for the Green Party where I can. They have a higher hope in my area because it is such a liberal area, and I really do feel very strongly in a three party system and think that the Greens have the best chance to do it. Hopefully one or two will win. The more Greens that can win the more notoriety they make and the more people may be inclined to vote them into other offices. Here’s to hoping at least.


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